Already Gone

by Mary Milne

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Gabriel Garcia
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Gabriel Garcia This is the song that plays when Alexandra finds out she loves Leon. It's also a F**king beautiful song. I love it. It hits me all the way to heaven and then some.


Song written by Mary Milne and performed in the movie The Trotsky (Written and directed by Jacob Tierney. Starring Emily Hampshire and Jay Baruchel) Song won Genie Award for best song.


Already Gone by Mary Milne

Bottled up slipstreams
and old broken moonbeams
they won't see us through
to the dawn

and you call in the lights
in the royal blue night
and you ask me to tell you
what's wrong

well crown kings of someday
run six ways from Sundays
now you've got
your Sunday best on

and you'll fix it
you'll find it
oh this time you'll mind it
but baby
i'm already gone

Well haul in the letter
a broken hearts better
than six strings
of stringin' along

and there's tears in your eyes
but i don't see surprise
just that coal miner
singin' his song

way down deep in the dark
where our hearts swim like sharks
and the pull of the moon's
finally gone

no the clocks can't unwind it
that miner can't find it
and baby
we're already gone

and i'm black and i'm blue
but i'm still made up of you
and there's just no place left
i belong

but it's go face the grey
you'll be better someday
and baby
i'm already gone


released April 11, 2012
Piano and vocals by Mary Milne


all rights reserved



Mary Milne Baptiste, Ontario

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