Don't You Know I Love The Leavin'

by Mary Milne

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Gabriel Garcia
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Gabriel Garcia Because only Mary and Leonard Cohen hit my heart this hard, that's why i love this album. Favorite track: Already Gone.


released April 12, 2012


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Mary Milne Baptiste, Ontario

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Track Name: The Hours
The Hours by Mary Milne

All across the faded lines
the cart men came
fed us lies and lullabyes
and cups filled up with rain

and now you're half out on the highway
your quarter in the wind
and you're still holding out for better
you're still holding out for him

and we dream in broke down towers
get locked out in the cold
and it funny how these are the hours
you want back when you get old

well there ain't one word I know of
to make a lover stay
and come on Ruth, sometimes the truth
just gets in the way

and your coroner has called it
now you're cold as tin
and whatever side you land on
there's nothing left to win

and we dream in brokedown towers
get locked out in the cold
ain't it funny how these are the hours
you want back when you get old
Track Name: The Eskimo Song
The Eskimo Song

Outside a car door slams and somebody flips their lid
and i can't ell the difference between the corporal and the kid
we're all acting like its Easter and our hearts the thing we hid
i always thought you'd find mine, but i guess you never did

oh eskimo, eskimo take me where you'll go
and lay me down beneath your sheet of freshly fallen snow
where the stars are the only silver and the suns the only gold
and every breath you take hangs like a trophy in the cold

well i don't need the green grass and i don't need the trees
all they do is stand there and sway when there's a breeze
and if there ain't no flowers then i guess there'll be no bees
and if you can't lock an igloo you never have to find your keys

and eskimo eskimo (....)

Well once somebody told me that my head was filled with rags
me i think its unpaid bills and hay and plastic bags
and looking in the mirror, time and trashy mags
and that old black dog i once had
with the tail that never wagged

oh eskimo eskimo (...)

Well double-dutch, don't touch, ain't much left to feel
down at the dollarama things are going for a steal
and time she just keeps running on her little plastic wheel
so buy one more thing you don't need
for the price of someones meal

and eskimo eskimo...

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